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The New KooKoo Bear Models – Atlanta Children’s Photographer

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I would like to thank everyone who participated in the KooKoo Bear/ Elite Model Search.  Friday was a fun filled night with cotton candy, popcorn & snow cones.  Hugs to all of you that joined us.  I hope that night was exciting for all of you.  I have been in many model searches… I’ve won some and lost some, but the experience is what it is all about.  I hope all of your children enjoyed the whole experience and will have many happy memories…michelle

Congratulations to Aiden Baker & Taylor Lieberman for being the new KooKoo Bear Models and to Madeline Cubas & Isabella Azaroff for being the Fan Favorites.  All the children were beautiful!


Family Portrait Session – Atlanta Family Photographer

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Another beautiful family portrait session at Cator Woolford Gardens.  We love this garden!  It’s actually where James and I were married.

It was nice to share our garden with such a wonderful family.  We had a great time with The Peterson Family.  What a great way to spend a beautiful spring day!!











My Babies! – Atlanta Children’s Photographer

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Usually I post portraits of other children, today I am posting portraits of my favorite children……my boys, my nieces, and my nephews.  Aren’t they sweet?  These are their Easter portraits.  For those of you who never saw our Baby Ducklings, here they are.  We fed them, cleaned up after them, and watched them grow for over two weeks.  Actually, I better change that, James cleaned up after them.  I did it one day and decided cleaning duck poop was not for me. Tristen and Asher loved the ducks so much that they wanted the ducks to sleep with them.  Our baby ducks are now happy in their new home at Yellow River Game Ranch.  We are supposed to visit them soon. Tristen asks about them all the time!!



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